Shenzhen Sunmaller Global Co.,Ltd
Shenzhen Sunmaller Global Co.,Ltd

About Us

About Us We are the Leading Supplier on Laptop Accesories,:Laptop Batteries,Lithium Rechargeable batteries

Our factories producing all these technique spare parts,We offer Color box ,OEM ODM service.If you want your Logo Well expanded, Welcome talk with us.

We provide professional quality check ,packing, shipping services to make sure your value keeps growth.

We supply to over 1000+ different Online Store and Physical store owners ,Global Wholesalers Retailers with our High quality products, Help them orgnize all of their demands, Fullfill all of their urgent orders.small to large orders; Had been in this business over 10 years .
Since we have everything in Stock , Technique shop owners Save time by working with our company .

You can imagin how easy it is for your work when you can find everything from one supplier. 

Contact us by Email:[email protected]

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